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at 20.30

at 20.30

CHF 25.– / CHF 20.– *

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Philosophy and Dance

Figures for Plastic Thinking

A show born out of the meeting of choreographer Tiziana Arnaboldi and philosopher Fabio Merlini.

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Three female figures, evoking just as many ideals of beauty (inspired by Botticelli, Dürer, Pre-Raphaelite art), highlight art's ability to transfigure pain and death into an intense experience of joy.

The show will be followed by a round table with art critic, painter and book author Dario Bianchi, choreographer Tiziana Arnaboldi, and the three dancers Eleonora Chiocchini, Marta Ciappina and Francesca Zaccaria.

* students, apprendisti, AVS, AI, “e-venti culturali” and “club rete due” members