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CHF 15

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Yoga classes with Lisa Ferretti

Mo: 9am - 10.30am | We: 7pm - 8.30pm

First class (1 July, 7pm - 8.30pm)

Lisa encountered yoga at 19; impressed by the immediacy of the benefits of this practice, both physically and mentally, she knew it would always be a part of her life from then onwards.

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In her classes, Lisa invites people to nurture and improve perception of their body, to have a better knowledge of its internal pathways, and discover its fascinating geometries. Let her lead you through a series of exercises aimed at rediscovering your mental and physical centre and relaxing your nervous system. One hour of physical practice followed by breathing and meditation exercises.

Covid-19 special measures:

Maximum of 7 people per lesson

  1. Please book by calling 079 532 32 07
  2. Wear a sports outfit
  3. Bring your non-slip yoga mat

* students, apprendisti, AVS, AI, “e-venti culturali” and “club rete due” members


at 20.45

CHF 10

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Meeting with philosopher Fabio Merlini

Audience of max. 25 people

Living in a world dominated by immediacy leads to an experience of acceleration, which extends to almost all of our activities.

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The pandemic emergency, for some people, has meant slowing down their life rhythms, experiencing an unprecedented gift of time compared to normal: within the tragedy, an unexpected opportunity to reconnect with one's own inner life.

The events will take place in full compliance with safety regulations.

* students, apprendisti, AVS, AI, “e-venti culturali” and “club rete due” members