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Margini (Margins)

with Mathilde Vischer, Lou Lepori and Manolis Mourtzakis

The bilingual performance, spanning between poetry and music, is based on the prose poetry collection 'Lisières' by Mathilde Vischer, translated from French for Edizioni Sottoscala Bellinzona (December 2022). Central to this journey are the body and nature (the forest), childhood and difference, loneliness and death.

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Drifting from French to Italian (based on the translation by Lou Lepori), Mathilde Vischer's words interact with Manolis Mourtzakis' accordion.
In the theatre, some works by Muriel Zeender, the illustrator of the book, will be on display.

* students, apprendisti, AVS, AI, “e-venti culturali” and “club rete due” members