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Compagnia arnaboldi

Since October 2009, the Compagnia Tiziana Arnaboldi has been the resident company at Teatro San Materno in Ascona, Canton Ticino, Switzerland.
She created the Compagnia Giovani, consisting of both local dancers and dancers from other countries.

From 2015, Tiziana Arnaboldi has been the artistic director of Teatro San Materno. She has organized international collaborations around projects and artistic events inspired by a place that is rich in art and history. She brings dancers together with international artists working across different fields and presents performances both at the Teatro as well as at other venues and spaces. Always in search of new ‘transverse’ collaborations. Tiziana has been shaping a dialogue between the arts.



Compagnia Giovani
Nelle vene della terra, poems by Alberto Nessi, read by the author.

2020 Autour du corps, a tribute to the Bauhaus.

Danza e Mistero, a tribute to Charlotte Bara, recipient of the ‘Dance as Cultural Heritage’Swiss award from the Federal Office of Culture. Il motivo di una danza with poet Fabio Pusterla.


30 Years of Compagnia Tiziana Arnaboldi
Performance featuring twelve of the most significant performers from the 'journey', who retrace fragments of choreographies and leave audiences with a sense of emotion, beauty and wonder.


Il motivo di una danza and Il suono delle pietre


Il canto del corpo co-production Neues Theater Dornach.


Spazi sospesi


Compagnia Giovani
La sedia-il sedersi featuring the Architect and Designer Riccardo Blumer.
Il suono delle pietre featuring Beat Weheneth and Luciano Zampar. A dialogue between dance and the sound of stones.


Compagnia Giovani
Linea featuring eleven young performers. Recipient of an Award from the Festival Internazionale del Teatro e della scena contemporanea in Lugano.


Dentro Jawlensky study on the pictorial-musical language of A. Jawlensky, co-production Teatro San Materno and the Jawlensky archive. A show presented in theatres and museums both in Switzerland and Germany.


Compagnia Giovani
Frammenti di carta


Attesa ni na na freely based on "Waiting for Godot" by Samuel Beckett, co-production Teatro San Materno.


Volo via and Condannato Libero co-produced by Swiss Dance Days.


Cruda Bellezza tour in Switzerland and Africa in 2007.


Donne che si raccontano co-production Zurich Festival.


1000 e 1 aqua co-produced by Companhia de Almada (P) for the European Project as part of the International Year of Freshwater.


Quelli della porta accanto


Finestra sul mare


Falls after Newton directed by Pierre Byland with choreography by Tiziana Arnaboldi.


La Strega solo by Tiziana Arnaboldi, choreography by Nelly Bütikofer. The birds are on the wing directed by Pierre Byland with choreography by Tiziana Arnaboldi.


Per un solo istante a Valdrada freely based on "Invisible Cities" by I. Calvino.

Prestigious events and awards

2018 Danza e mistero, recipient of the 2018 Dance as Cultural Heritage Award from the Federal Office of Culture. Show presented on TV (Paganini programme, RSI) and at LAC in Lugano.
2018 "Impronta Viola Locarnese" Award
2014 Linea, a performance by the Compagnia Giovani, recipient of the Award of the Festival Internazionale del Teatro e della Scena Contemporanea in Lugano and invited to the Fringe Festival Internazionale in Rome.
2004 Participation in "Genoa 2004 capital of European culture".

Invited to take part in the "Collection Cahier d'Artiste" competition.


Invited in Lisbon (P) to the Choreographic Platform.


Journée Danse-Dense International Competition in Paris (ranked in the top 3 places). 


Participation in Swiss Festivals: Festival de la Bâtie, Geneva, Danse Nöel, Bern, Festival Cité de Lausanne, Danse Festival, Neuchâtel, Danse Festival Nyon, Tanz Festival Olten and Winterthur, Festival Patrimonio della danza, Lucerne, Bern, Visp.

1992 Participation in the Seville World Expo (Spain).


2018 Film. The 30 years of the company, through its most creative experiences.

Documentary. Shot by director Mohammed Soudani during the African Tour (South Africa, Mozambique, Angola) of Cruda bellezza.

2007 Book. Publication of Gesti, Parole, Movimenti, edited by Domenico Lucchini.

choreographic research meetings

Laboratory-meetings of choreographic research organized by Tiziana Arnaboldi, with the goal of integrating new dancers in the company as realization of future projects and open for cooperation with various artistic languages.

The objective of these Meetings is to invite the interpreter to approach to authenticity as a way toward truth: in relationships, feelings, gestures, silences, movements, looks,... to think of essence.

To hear the beauty of the gesture, music, words and silence that become palpable subject and energy according to each participant’s artistic sensibilities. A single gesture can be enough on its own, as can a silence be loaded of movement.

To bring the interpreter to see the body as actor, as an artistic and linguistic project, without barriers between the different ways of communication. To see and to feel the expression of movement, both in dance or theatre, as direct expression, immediate, natural, organic, for reflection and to establish a new relationship; the world changes, we change and the point of view changes.

Meetings that help to push us beyond scene to find the world, beyond theatre to find the human being that moves and thinks.

Creating space, time and energy that move along and think.

A collective search of awareness, clarity and richness to work under way.

At the end of these encounters, held at Teatro San Materno of Ascona, a comparison and an exchange will occur directly between dancers and audience.

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